What are the benefits of drinking milk?

Adding milk to your diet makes you healthier and fitter. There are many benefits of drinking milk, let me mention you some of these,

  1. Better Complexion

The skin-boosting vitamins and minerals present in milk helps to make your skin glow, and stay soft and supple. Drinking two glasses of milk a day can really change the way your skin looks and feels in a very short amount of time.

2. Stronger teeth

One of the largest constituents of milk is calcium – known to strengthen teeth and enamel. Cavity and tooth decay can also be avoided by consuming a glass of milk every day. But parents should note that calcium can only be absorbed with the help of vitamin D. So make sure that the milk that you are consuming is fortified with vitamin D.

3. Healthy and stronger bones
The calcium in milk that strengthens teeth also helps bones get stronger and bigger. This is why milk is the most prominent diet fed to new-born babies. The lack of an optimum amount of milk in a baby’s diet can lead to improper bone development and growth. Medical experts also recommend for adults to consume a glass of milk every day, as it helps in strengthening bones and is known to prevent osteoporosis.

4. Better muscle growth and development

The protein content in milk helps improve muscle development and growth. Many athletes are known to consume a glass or two of milk post their training sessions, as it contains a large number of nutrients and vitamins that help them in recovery.Milk is also known to replenish the fluids that were lost during a workout and help reduce muscle soreness.

5. Weight loss
Many studies have revealed that women who consume a glass of milk everyday lose more weight when compared to women who don’t. This is because milk has a high satiety value and can be seen as a small meal in itself, thereby discouraging further feasting. Experts also recommend consuming a glass of milk along with fruit every night before bedtime.

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