What are home remedies to melt belly fat?

Minimizing fat food consumption. Yes, that’s one of the ways to reduce belly fat. This may take some time to appear its effects. It’s not easy to stick to diet plan strictly so It’s fine to have some tasty food some day.

Secondly, Yoga would be effective to reduce belly fat. Few asanas may help to reduce belly fat faster.

Vajrasana(Thunderbolt pose):

This could be done after having food as well. May start from 30 seconds and 15 minutes are enough.

Supta vajrasana(Reclined thunderbolt pose):

The extended version of Vajrayana. This could be started from 30seconds to 1 minute and can be extended to 10 minutes. Get relaxed after 2–3 minutes when going for a long time. To avoid in case of spinal cord/keen related complexities

Paschimottasana(Forward bend pose):

In the first go, This can be done to 30 seconds with 10 seconds for relaxing. This can be extended to 4 minutes. To avoid in case of breathing complexities

Pavanmukta-asana(Wind removing pose):

This pose can be done for 30 seconds initially and extended to 3–4 minutes gradually.

Bhujanga-asana(Serpant/cobra pose):

This could be started with 15 seconds and extended for 3–4 minutes with relaxing position on every minute. To avoid in case of spinal cord issues.

Alongside yoga, to maximize fruit/vegetable juice consumption would be helpful to reduce fat faster. Also, It may help to reduce hunger.

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