Natural Face glow skin tips | Natural Skin beauty Tips

7.Aloe vera skin care

You can simply prepare Aloe vera skin toner reception and use it frequently to urge a glow on your face. Scrape out the Aloe vera pulp from a recent Aloe vera leaf. Grate it in a very grinder and squeeze out the juice. currently, add a pair of spoons of plain water with one spoon of this Aloe vera juice. combine well and use the ensuing mixture as a toner on your skin.

8.Sooji scrub

*Sooji is an uncommon ingredient, but did you understand that it will exfoliate the skin and create it glow?
3 teaspoons of Sooji powder
1 teaspoon of milk


Take three teaspoons of Sooji powder and combine it with one teaspoon of milk. Mix well to apply on the face when forming a paste. Scrub the mixture gently and then, wait for it to dry. Rinse it with some warm water. You will see the results

Happiness keeps glow your face and inside so keep smiling every day.

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