How Grow Hair | Natural Hair Growth Tips

Best tips for hair growth | natural hair tips

1.Hot oil massage for hair

Heat some oil (preferably vegetable oil or almond oil) and slowly massage your scalp victimization your fingertips. It will increase the flow of the blood to the hair follicles, enhances the strength of the roots of your hair and conditions your scalp.

2.Amla  for Long Hair

In Indian cultures, amla or Indian gooseberry is taken into account as hair oil. Amla is Associate in Nursing inhibitor having a high content of vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, flavonoid, and tannins. consumption contemporary or dried amla is imagined to stop hair loss, reverse graying, and promote stronger and healthier growth. as a result of its medicine and antimicrobial effects, applying raw amla juice or amla powder or amla oil onto your scalp can facilitate with dandruff and soothe the irritated scalp

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