Some facts about your body fat | Reduce fat naturally

fat reduce


2.Change your eating habits:-

The first thing I want to say is do not go on a diet.

This is the biggest mistake that people do.

Do not miss your breakfast. Take healthy and full diet breakfast. You can take oatmeal, fruits, eggs and whey protein.

In the lunch, eat mixed veggies, brown rice, and the green salad.

For your evening breakfast, you can have some grain cookies (or biscuits), yogurt and protein shake.

Start eating a salad before having your dinner. In the dinner, you have to focus on whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Do not give stress upon Desert after dinner.

Be motivated and connected to us. If you do not have self-control power nobody can’t help you in reducing your bad fat. Only you can do this and say no to fast food.

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